TREAD Corporation

TREAD Corporation was founded in 1957 and experienced a rich and successful history of growth and product diversification, eventually serving the mining, quarry and construction industries with bulk explosives handling equipment. At TREAD, our priority is to manufacture our products to meet our customer’s needs, utilizing innovative technology solutions, sophisticated equipment and superior customer service.

The driving force behind the company is TREAD’s MISSION STATEMENT: To provide innovative, high-quality commercial explosives equipment solutions by promoting safety and excellence in an environment of trusted partnerships with our associates, customers, suppliers and community.

Through visionary thinking, TREAD’s team of in-house engineers work in partnership with our customers to develop structural quality equipment for the diverse needs of the application by utilizing the latest industry technology.

TREAD’s goal is to be a full service partner through the life cycle of the equipment.


As a manufacturer of bulk handling equipment, TREAD Corporation’s focus is exclusively on servicing the explosives industry on a worldwide basis with TREAD equipment operating in all reaches of the globe. Corporate offices and the manufacturing facilities are located in Roanoke, Virginia, United States with service capabilities managed from Chile, Australia and South Africa.

We invite you to experience the personalized service you receive when you purchase TREAD’s products. When you buy TREAD, you receive superior customer service, innovative engineering and technology, aftermarket support, field service and a full service PARTNER.