Accurate product monitoring, regulation
directives and operational efficiencies
continue to be ever increasingly
important to managing the business
from billing to inventory control and
reporting. To ensure operational
efficiencies and optimum usage of
product, it is imperative to have the
latest technology in the form of a control
system and data logger; and, ones that
are operator friendly. The TREAD
proBlast and datalogger control
systems, having varying levels of
sophistication, will provide a stream of
capabilities that are custom configured
specific to your company requirements.

  • The TREAD proBlast control system is
    designed to be simple, easily operated,
    extremely accurate and provides the
    greatest level of functionality and
    expansion capability for the explosive


  • The TREAD proBlast will allow
    monitoring of production rates,
    emulsion ratios, hole totals, job totals
    and allows for defined “presets” so that
    the loading automatically stops when
    the “preset” amount has been reached.


  • The TREAD Datalogger feature is
    designed to capture very extensive
    levels of operational information relative
    loading, hole depths, temperatures,
    calibration, volumes, formulas, alarms,
    time on job and other operational
    criteria. From this expansive pool of
    information that is available, TREAD
    can thereby customize a program
    specific to the customer’s needed monitoring and data reporting requirements.


  • The TREAD proBlast electrical controls are all designed for the rugged explosive industry. The sunlight-readable color screen is reliable in the off-road environment and can be operated at extreme temperatures. All control modules are sealed (IP67) for all weather conditions; and, resist extreme vibration.

  • The TREAD proBlast can be programmed with up to 12 unique formulas. You have the option to use the “Simple Mode” for basic user needs, or switch to the normal mode for greater options and user control.

  • The TREAD proBlast system offers multiple control stations with display screens, joysticks and push button controls for the selection of all formulas and functions.

  • The TREAD controls, mounted in the cab, outside on the fenders, or both, are compatible with any type of bulk truck. Thus, with the TREAD proBlast, the operator will have the exact same control interface regardless of the design truck he is working. As the operator is trained and comfortable with one truck, he can operate any type truck with a proBlast control system.

  • The TREAD proBlast system allows you to define your own formulas ahead of time to ensure product consistency; and, have the ability to have proBlast adjust gassing rates based upon product temperature.

  • The TREAD proBlast control system has built-in self-diagnostic capabilities that will locate and identify errors in the unlikely event a problem occurs. And, in most instances, problem issues can be easily resolved over the phone with a TREAD support technician.

  • The TREAD proBlast relies on a pressure-compensated proportional hydraulic system that eliminates the need for supplementary vales and in turn allows the computer to accurately control all component rates and ratios.

  • The TREAD proBlast “Soft-Start” feature allows the hydraulic motors to gradually ramp up in speed versus a sudden jerk start which significantly reduces the “shock” to the product pump.

  • The TREAD proBlast utilizes a CAN bus interface, plug-and-play, with compatibility for over a dozen different Can bus devices (remote control, extra readouts, button panels) via a single cable connection. The Can bus networking means fewer cables and wires.

  • The TREAD proBlast will support new and future CAN based devises with a simple software update without changes to existing hardware.


To find out why the TREAD proBlast CONTROL SYSTEM / DATALOGGER is the NUMBER ONE CHOICE IN THE INDUSTRY, contact Tread to see how you can benefit from a TREAD designed control system.