PROGRAM allows you to
achieve maximum
utilization of your original
investment and
experience the meaning
for your ANFO, Pumper,
Blend or Quad trucks.


The craftsmen of the
department take exceptional pride in
how their workmanship transforms
your aged bulk truck into a unit that
will perform on the bench with the
reliability as if it were new.


Each truck to be remanufactured is
thoroughly inspected to establish
condition and usability of the
existing tanks, augers, housings and
assemblies, and then those core
components are totally refurbished
and prepared to be remounted.
Then, to ensure operational
performance, all new pumps,
motors, valves, wiring, plumbing,
hoses and upgraded optional control
systems to DCC+ or proBlast are
configured and installed.


To further extend the life of your rebuilt bulk truck, many companies have elected to invest in a new or more current used chassis for the remounting of the remanufactured unit. And as an added service, TREAD has the facilities, paint booth and equipment to professionally prepare and repaint your existing, late model or new chassis to the original color or color of your choice. New chassis or repainted used chassis – the finished product has the look of a new bulk truck that proudly projects your company image.

The REMANUFACTURED truck is not complete until all safety equipment is upgraded to conform with the current standards, tanks are certified; and the bulk truck is then recertified to meet all applicable DOT and/or geographic specific transport requirements.

To learn more about the options of the REBUILD program and how your operation will benefit by extending the life of your original investment, contact Tread.