As the explosives industry began a conversion from package products to bulk ANFO, TREAD expanded its line of equipment and began developing the first TREADBED bulk handling truck. These robust structural ANFO TREADBED models were designed, product/application engineered and operationally dedicated specifically for use in the explosives industry.

And with the further introduction of bulk emulsions and various additives that then gave the blaster the ability to custom mix at the borehole, TREAD expanded its bulk truck TREADBED offering to complement these new blasting technologies by providing BLEND, PUMP and QUAD type trucks to meet the challenging requirements and conditions while in the field.

To determine which TREADBED model is operationally right for you, contact TREAD SALES to review your application, review the type product being used and review your capacity-rate requirements to identify the truck configuration/options that will best serve your contract.